Ordering Information &


Once we receive your order...

Your order is reviewed and production is scheduled. If we have any questions about your order at this time we will contact you via email or telephone. For grave marker orders there may be additional charges involved with delivery and setup and if so, this will be discussed with you before we proceed with your order.

For any items you chose to have our graphic design team to do the design for you. After your photos and text are received whether digital or printed, our graphics team will begin designing your item. A talented artist will take your photos and create a digital proof for your review, we email this proof to you and only after we receive your approval will we begin production. This ensures we produce your item just the way you want it.

If you receive your proof and decide you would like something changed please email or call to communicate with the graphic artist what changes are needed. They will make adjustments to your layout and email a revised proof for your review.

Once your final approval has been received the graphic artist will send your art to our experienced production team to produce. Once it has been engraved and inspected for quality it will be sent to our shipping department to be packed and shipped.

NOTE: If your item is needed for a special event or specific date please make sure to communicate that with us when placing your order. We will do our best to accommodate your request or notify you as to when it can be delivered.

Artwork File Formats

The pictures that work the best are high resolution clean crisp focused pictures not blurry images. More detail can be engraved from closeup pictures as opposed to distance photos. If your photo has a flaw such as red eye, crack, water spot, ugly background or any other unlikeable features it may be fixable by our graphics team.

If you don’t have a digital picture and are scanning a printed photo please scan at a resolution of 600 dpi or greater or feel free to mail your pictures to us and we will scan them at the size and resolution best suited for your project. Your pictures will be returned to you along with your completed item.

Logo Artwork

Logo artwork used for laser engraving into various products must be in an acceptable format to ensure good quality results in the laser engraved image. The process used for laser engraving is different than the process used for printing on your printer. An image that looks good on a printer, may not engrave well on a product.

Printers can handle grayscales of artwork which creates a smoothing effect in the printed result. Laser engraving using a burning technique to burn the image into the product and thus burns each pixel, regardless of shade level found in grayscale images.

Acceptable file formats include the following:

Unacceptable Files

We do not accept Mac (.mac) files. Special circumstances may require graphic design charges.

JPG or GIF images or other low resolution images converted to a TIFF or BMP and even if the resolution is changed to 300 dpi, are not acceptable if the original image was less than 300 DPI. Simply resaving a file as a new file type, does not increase the quality of the pixels in the artwork itself. Images from web sites are typically in 72 or 96 DPI. Please contact your companies graphic department to obtain a High Resolution logo, vs using one off your company's web site.

Note: If you do not have a high resolution image or must use one from your companies web site, please be aware that the end result of the laser engraving may not look professional. We can re-design the image if you prefer using the artwork you supply from your company web site, however there is a graphic design charge.

Do not embed image files inside of word documents or other documents such as spreadsheets, rather provide the raw artwork file itself.

Stock Artwork

Our company has access to a database of over 80,000 standardized company logos and artwork files. In many cases, we may have your company’s logo already on file in a laser engravable format. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Option?

We have a wide variety of products and services that we offer to help provide you with the perfect gift, memorial, award, or custom engraving. If you need help making a selection or have questions about our offerings, please reach out to us!