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Founded in 2000


I’m Chris and I created Custom Engraving just for you. Along with the help of my incredible staff we love helping our customers create and preserve lasting impressions on items they will cherish forever.

As a kid I always loved to draw and in school I took all the art classes available to me.  When I was about 10 years old, I started helping my parents make and assemble rubberstamps in their small company they ran out of our garageMy parents decided they wanted to expand into a retail location, so when I was about fourteen, they purchased a small trophy and engraving shop, combining it with their existing rubber stamp business.

Being the last of their 5 children (yes, I am the “baby” of the family) and the only one that was still living at home, they of course put me to work at the new shop.

I quickly fell in love with the process of engraving and was determined to master the pantograph engraver. When technology started to evolve, a computerized engraving machine was purchased, which was followed several years later with a laser engraver. Once I saw my first laser in action, I was hooked and have been ever since!

We love helping our customers create and preserve lasting impressions on items they will cherish forever.

One morning I was leaving for work and my daughter who was just learning to write had left me a small sticky note which read “I love you daddy”. I took this to work and stuck it on my computer monitor. Looking at her note I thought, how cool would it be to laser engrave her message into my pocketknife.  Though my daughter is now an adult and graduated from college, I still have that pocketknife with her little note. This inspired me to offer this type of personalization to my customers. 

A simple text box is boring and limiting. I always wanted to offer my customers more flexibility with their engraving options. After a long search, I found a great solution in the software we now utilize on our website. At CustomEngravingInc.com you can drag and drop text, images, and clipart, anywhere you want. Rotate it, flip it, change the color, stretch it, overlap it. Whatever you want. Youre not limited, it’s the way customization should beIf you want a picture of your dog on a stainless steel tumbler, go for it! If you want your Grandpas signature engraved on the shells from his 21gun salute memorial, go for it! Let your creativity be the guide!  

Everyone has some idea what they want personalized, but they don’t always know exactly how to accomplish it. We can customize items that we sell on our website or items that you send to us. If you have a special project in mind that you don’t see here on the website, feel free to contact us with your questions. We are here to help and always up for a challenge! Whether it is an individual, church, school, or corporation, we get great satisfaction helping customers with their special projects. 

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If you’re looking for personalized gifts, memorials or awards created by a team who has 75+ years of combined experience, genuinely cares and wants to help, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Team

Chris Freybler


When he’s not at work being creative, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Amber, fishing, playing cribbage, bike rides and walks in the woods together. He has two grown children (4 counting his daughter in law and son in law) and three wonderful grandchildren. Reading bedtime stories to his granddaughters, spending as much time in the outdoors fishing and hunting as time allows are some of his most favorite things. He also has recently found a new hobby throwing darts.

Brent Lenhart


When he’s not leading the team or engraving, Brent likes to spend time with his wife Sheila and their two sons Connor and Logan. Some of Brent’s hobbies include playing softball in the summer, camping, hunting and helping his boys grow lots of veggies in their garden. Brent loves watching anything related to sports but his favorite teams are the Michigan State Spartans, the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers. GO TIGERS!

Brandy Cooke

Designer/Customer Service

Brandy has been designing memorials for Custom Engraving, Inc. since 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games, reading, folding origami, cross-stitching, and relaxing with her husband Gerry and her pet rabbit Louis. Brandy loves to travel the world and tries to find the most bizarre museum or point of interest in the city to drag her husband to. Born & raised in the Steel Valley, she cheers for the Pittsburgh Penguins even though she now lives in Red Wings country.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Option?

We have a wide variety of products and services that we offer to help provide you with the perfect gift, memorial, award, or custom engraving. If you need help making a selection or have questions about our offerings, please reach out to us!